#21 I love my camera, I don’t care about cameras

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Am I going to do what everyone else ever has done and write about GAS? Probably. I won’t say the gear isn’t important in a lot of kinds of photography. But for the reasons I shoot I’m really not convinced. My want of a camera over a phone is the feel of it. I love the weight (not too much) of a camera in hand. I love the shape, the dials, the thumb rest. I could ruin my credit card and buy a digital Leica. I could solve the one ‘problem’ I have with my camera – the size – and buy the GRII or an X100F. Until I kill this camera though, I won’t. Even then, it’ll be time for debate.

#20 A Photo Diary (26/07/17)

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I’ve been enjoying photo diaries lately. In particular Matt Martin and Matt Gomes‘ super sweet feeds. I wrote before about how I was feeling stoked on just shooting all day every day. On Wednesday I took my camera out with the intention of just shooting my day. It was pretty freeing to point and shoot and think about my Wednesday and my life in general.

Here’s what I got. In chronological order:

#18 Night Shooting

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If you look through my portfolio on here or at my Instagram, it’s pretty obvious I rarely shoot in the dark. There’re multiple reasons: I work until 9, 9:30, then I’m hungry, then it’s 11pm and I’m in my apartment full of food being my most common excuse. Usually when I am out after dark it’s because I’m with people. People have plans. People get fed up of me stopping to take pictures of things. I usually want to hang out more than I want the photo anyway. Being dreadful at shooting in the dark is my number one thing to fix at the moment. Second being dreadful at portraits – more on that later I’m sure. So, when Cody invited me out shooting, I happily went along.

#16 Golden Week 2017

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In Japan, April 29th in the start of Golden Week. A whole week (if you’re lucky) of national holidays / paid leave and mine and Yuka’s first holiday of the year. It was the first holiday of my first year in Japan and it’s the end of the longest holiday-free stretch I do at work. I love Golden Week. Maybe lifted by the weather I shot a lot of colour. I also made a zine entirely in black and white.

#14 Tactile

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The last two years I’ve printed a collection of photos from the year for my nan. Last year she got about 20 A4 size prints on the second best quality paper Staples have. I put them in a project wallet I bought in the pound shop and gave them to her on Christmas day. She can see them online – my parents can easily show her pictures on their phones or computer. For her though, I always want to put the paper in her hand. It feels more real.

#13 Cherry Blossoms

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Spring in Japan is a wonderful time. It’s not cold anymore and the humidity hasn’t hit yet. It’s often T-shirt weather on my days off and the Spring seasonal food and drink starts showing up. It’s also the time of year the cherry blossoms make their appearance, everyone goes to the park to hang out and even the dourest salaryman wears a grin for the flowers. It’s fantastic.

#11 The 24 Hour Project 2017

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The 24 Hour Project is a global photography event that’s happened every year since 2012. Photographers post a photo of their city every hour for 24 hours. It’s always in support of a charity – this year Lesvos Solidarity. Every year’s been bigger than the last. This year was my first. A couple of month’s ago I was debating spending one of my five bookable days off to take part. In the end Yuka convinced me it was a good idea – likely since I’d talked about it a bit too much. I’m glad I did.