#22 Update

Four months without a post. I really let things slip there. I got busy, I’m still busy. The blog kind of fell by the wayside as a bunch of stuff happened. Along with several other things that I’ve let drop off in the last few months I want to get back into writing. . One of the main reasons I’ve let the blog rot so long is that my laptop was fucked and unusable. The 20 minutes or so I tend to spend editing photographs had become an hour or two while I waited for the little wheel of death to finish doing its thing. More and more stuff got piled on the desk, the laptop becoming less and less accessible for increasingly annoying editing sessions until this week when I formatted the whole thing and started again.

Shibiuya Giraffe (1 of 1)
Shinjuku, 2017

Another source of pressure on the ‘damn I need a working laptop’ front was that I’m looking to get back into completing my DipTESOL course. I’ve been paying ¥15,500 a month for it now for over a year and I haven’t done shit. I love teaching English. I’m reasonably good at it. I want to be a lot better. There’s also photography and studying Japanese – two other things I love and want to be good at. Two things I don’t spend 9 hours a day five days a week doing and thus two things I enjoy much more in my free time than reading about closing diphthongs and lesson plan aims. Yet, the Dip isn’t going to do itself. I’m going to have to spend a little more time with the books, a little more time in classrooms, and a lot more time working on stuff. I want it done.

Headscarf, sensouji (1 of 1)
Asakusa, 2017

As for Japanese study, I’m slowly making progress. A while back I started tracking my study time every day (using the Jiffy app for android) to keep myself in check. No more moaning that I’m not improving quick enough if I’ve got a tracker reminding me I didn’t actually study for a month. It’s doing a job. Of course I don’t use it for tracking actual conversation and real world usage. That’s the point of the tracked study, to be able to actually communicate and use it in the real world. The tracker at 0h0m on my phone’s home screen makes me at the very least grab my JLPT drill book and get a few pages done on the train instead of playing hearthstone and thinking about how bad I am at Japanese. 頑張らなきゃ。

Osaka - Kyoto (1 of 16).jpg
Osaka, 2017

There isn’t too much to say photography wise. I still love it. It’s still a great passion. I’m still using the same camera and lens (although I did grab a super cheap canon autoboy 2 in Bookoff – a second hand book and everything else chain – and shot my first roll of film recently). I’m still shooting most days, still wandering around Tokyo in the same shoes, still as stoked as ever to have a camera in my hand. I haven’t posted a shot to Instagram for about two months. No real decision process. I liked the last picture I’d posted. I let it sit and found that I enjoyed never thinking about likes or comments. I’m sure I’ll post again one day. You can of course still see my awful stories about studying, coffee, and me watching Seinfeld through for the first time. I’m enjoying the space from posting though.

Osaka - Kyoto (16 of 16)
On the Shinkansen from Kyoto to Tokyo , 2017

I think today I’m gonna go and hit as many of the current photography exhibitions as I can. At least the few that are open Mondays. Have a walk between galleries, shoot street, drink cheap coffee. And enjoy how wonderful Tokyo looks in the winter.

Tokyo, December 2017

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