#19 Guam: getting stoked again

A few weeks ago I was getting a little bogged down by life and finding it harder to get out and shoot. For a couple of weeks my days off became a love ritual to my A/C and Tsutaya’s 5 for ¥1000 movie deal. At best I wanted to study. Maybe hitting the shutter once or twice on the way to work. Then we went to Guam. I’m a big believer that travel is a) wonderful and b) not necessary to a great time in photography. I believe you absolutely can make photographs you love without moving more than a couple of feet. That said, sometimes I just need it.

I love Tokyo, I love Japan, I love the concrete outside my apartment. I love shooting what I know. It’s easy to get a little lazy at times though. To not carry the camera in hand because it’s hot and the air is water. In Guam though, I couldn’t put it down. Perhaps just the result of my lifted spirits. Three days of swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, delicious food in portions that dwarf those here. I can shoot when I’m down. Hell, if I’m a little bummed out then heading out with my camera is high on the list of cures. It’s nothing like shooting when you’re happy though, right?

Guam (11 of 32)
Guam, 2017

As Guam influenced my mood and in turn my desperation to shoot, it stuck. I’ve shot so much more in the two weeks since I got back than I had in the two weeks before we went. It’s hotter than it was before. Work is still just as busy and other tasks have gone through the roof. All I want to do is shoot. To shoot the familiar because I love it. Reminded by how much I love the unfamiliar when I’m away.

Guam (21 of 32)
Yuka, Guam, 2017

At home, at work, going to the doctor, buying a coffee, picking up the dry cleaning, swimming with dope tropical fish, looking for your phone charger, writing a blog post, on the plane, on the bus, in your car. If you want to make photos, make photos.

Shoot because you love it.

Guam (12 of 32)
Guam, 2017

Guam as a place is wonderful, by the by. Great people. Beautiful beaches. A diverse mix of people. Good transport. Even the heavy rain was nice enough to swim in. Two and half hours and cheap enough from Tokyo, it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re looking to get out of Japan for a couple of days.

Guam (19 of 32)
Guam, 2017

Time to go and shoot all day.

Tokyo, July 2017

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