#15 In the bag

Sometimes I get weirdly into those ‘my camera bag’ posts. I’m always interested in what people feel is necessary to make a photo and why they always have it. I don’t think the camera is particularly important – DSLR, mirrorless, compact, iPhone, whatever, it’s all good. A camera is a given. I know a lot of people love their gear and a lot of people don’t give a shit about it. Here’s what I take when I go out to shoot.

Honestly, these are the things that are always in my bag / hand. The shoes are different on a work day:


I’m no good at shooting top down, 2017

My camera (Fuji X-T10 / Fujinon 35mm lens) – in my hand with a wrist strap I picked up cheap in Yodobashi camera. This is how I make photos. I like the camera. Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t still a little big.
A lens pen – I always have this in my pencil case. Nice for quickly cleaning the camera.
My phone (OnePlus 3T) – for podcasts, music, maps, checking in with Yuka.
Earphones – for listening to podcasts or music if I feel like it. Usually when I’m in the zone and actually shooting these just sit in my ears with nothing playing.
My wallet – coffee money, I.D. card.
Keys – gotta get back into my apartment.
New Balance 340 shoes – because they’re obscenely comfortable and I can walk all day in them. After a camera, I think shoes are the most important thing in my photography.
A ¥500 Uniqlo Beanie – this is my camera bag. I almost always have my camera in my hand, but when I don’t I wrap it up in this hat and stick it in my backpack.
A Japanese textbook – sometimes I need an hour to just chill and have a coffee. It makes for nice study time. Also good on the train at times if I’ve got a seat and I’ll be there a while.
My pencil case – where the lens pen lives. It’s also got my pencils (and more importantly an eraser) for studying.
My Fitbit – I wear this thing all the time unless I’m in the shower or it’s charging. It’s quite nice to see how far you’ve walked in a day though. Sometimes I barely move, other days I walk 20 miles.
A copy or two of the zine I just made – sometimes you get talking to people and they ask what you shoot. It’s nicer than an Instagram link or the back of the camera. I like being able to give / show something physical.

ShimoKita (3 of 3)
Shimokitazawa, 2017

Like I say, these are the things I take with me if I’m going out for just about any reason. Looking at the list all typed up it seems like an awful lot. Honestly, there are some days when I do wonder if my bag isn’t too heavy. Especially around now when the weather’s heating up and a big bag doesn’t work so well. Last summer I made a lot of textbook photocopies and took them unit by unit in a smaller messenger bag I have. Maybe I need to start doing that again.

Yoyogihachiman (1 of 2)
Yoyogihachiman, 2017

A bit of a short one today after a couple of weeks of silence. Last week was Golden Week in Japan and, being the first holiday of the year, pulled me out of my routine hardcore. Back to the grind now though.

Tokyo, May 2017


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