#1 Getting Started

I read blogs more than anything else these days. There are at least four (#1, #2#3#4) always open in my phone’s Safari app. I read them on the train to work or while I’m eating my lunch or when I’m lying in bed in the morning waiting for the alarm to go off. Once a week (or there abouts) my friend Becca’s newsletter arrives in my inbox and I read that, too. My excuse for not starting a blog has changed a lot over the last year or so and been heard by no one but myself.

I think in the end the reason I never started this blog is because I was worried about complete nonsense. I feared that no one would read it or that too many people would read it. More than anything I worried about a lack of focus. What do I know enough about to make a website about and have it be consistent? I love photography, but knew I couldn’t give any useful information about it – I’m always being corrected on my terminology or trying to explain something obvious in a round about way. The other thing I know a little about is living in Tokyo. I’ve been here for two years. I can complain about city tax, kanji, the Nambu Line, and how hard it is to get a new phone contract when your current residence card expires inside 24 months. I can tell you where my favourite places to shoot are, where my favourite coffee shops are, or how I came to love (most of) the food. That said, I still don’t know enough about living in Tokyo to give anyone any useful information. Which leaves me with two things I know and nothing I know well enough to write confidently about – and I think that’s my focus. I want to be better as a photographer, as a resident of my favourite city in the world, as a writer, and just generally as a living being. Those are things I can do. Things I can understand. Things I can talk about.

Ikuta, 2017

This website is thomasknottphoto for two reasons: one, every other domain name I tried was already taken. Two, those are the only constants I can promise. I thought about having Tokyo in the title, but maybe I’ll leave. I thought about Japan, but maybe I’ll leave. I thought about giving it a clever title that expressed what I thought about the fleetingness of life or the importance of doing the things that interest you until I realised I didn’t have a solid answer for either of those. In the end it’s me and it’s what I love. There’ll be photos in every post. Sometime’s they’ll be related, sometime’s they’ll just be shots I happen to like.

Maybe no one will read it, maybe too many people will read it. Maybe the focus will never settle. Whatever, I just want to do the thing.

Tokyo, March 2017.

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